Mastering Digital Transformation Solution Sales

Why am I in Sales Profession & What Sales Winners do differently – Refresher
Current Economic & Business Priorities / Trends & how technology can help
Recap of Information Technology infrastructure (Evolution, Trends and Future)
a) Computing (Hardware, Software, Storage, Networking, Services)
b) Data Centers
c) High Availability, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
d) The Internet & its impact
Business Innovation catalyzed by Digital Transformation (What, Why, How)
a) Cloud
b) Analytics
c) Mobile
d) Social
e) Security
Accelerated Transformation via Digital Innovation Accelerators (What, Why, How)
a) Artificial Intelligence (Cognitive, AI, ML, RPA)
b) Internet of Things (IOT) & Edge Computing
c) Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality (AR/VR)
d) Block-chain
e) 3D Printing
f) Robotics
Industry specific IT Blueprints & Technology / DX Use Cases (Global & India context)
a) Banking & Insurance
b) Telecom
c) Manufacturing & Energy
d) E-commerce
e) Healthcare
f) Govt. to Citizen Services
Call to Action (collaborative workshop & exercise)
a) Tell customers “What they don’t know”
b) Deliver WOW Customer Experience via Personalization
c) Demonstrate compelling Business Value – Link your solution to Business Outcome and Innovation
Quiz & Digital Certificate
  • Master how to effectively align your offering / solution to Digital Innovation Agenda of your customer
  • Learn Digital disruption examples, Innovation Technology highlights, Industry specific Digital use-cases, Business Value selling to CXOs, Sales Winner – Best Practices & Art of Storytelling